Press brakes include new options

April 7, 2014

Bystronic offers its Xpert and Xcite press brake series equipped with the ByVision bending control. The control, which includes a database of material bend angles and bend allowances, uses a 22-in. HD touchscreen to display 3-D part animations and software-driven menu selections. Bending profiles can be imported or drawn directly on the touchscreen and then automatically converted to a bending program with proper bending sequences and tool selections.

The new Voice Control option enables operators to use voice commands, via a headset, for typical manual operator functions. Optical Bend Guiding guides operators through all bending applications. LEDs indicate the correct position of the toolstations, backgauges, and bending sequences.

The new RF-A and XPT tooling and clamping systems provide users with front-loading, lightweight segmented tools. PartID laser-etched part code can be registered by an optional scanner unit at the brake, and the desired bending program can be loaded automatically.

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