Quick-change tooling enables tube benders to be reconfigured in minutes

April 26, 2012

Unison has launched a quick-change tooling system that speeds tooling changes on its all-electric tube bending machines. Available from Horn Machine Tools, the system covers all of the tooling components on the machine and includes bar code identification to verify the changeover process. On a 1.97-in., single-stack machine, for example, a fully validated changeover involving six basic tool components to switch from manufacturing one good part to another can be accomplished in less than three minutes.

The system is available as an option for any three-axis machine from the Breeze line of all-electric tube benders for diameters up to 2.99 in. It is suitable for companies producing high-value-added tubular parts, such as those used in the aerospace industry, to help eliminate expensive, early-stage errors from the manufacturing process.

All elements of the tooling system are self-aligning and designed to minimize handling and setup times. The machine's circular bend die and grip section mounts directly onto a threaded tool post with a large keyway, facilitating accurate placement, and is secured by a hand-tightened retainer. The fixed-position wiper die and holder similarly mount on a splined shaft and require tightening with an Allen key.

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