Rotary draw bender bends to 195 degrees

June 17, 2008

Baileigh Industrial has introduced the model RDB-125 rotary draw bender. It bends up to 2.5-in., 0.120-in.-wall DOM tube 2-in., 0.120-in.-wall Chromoly and square; as well as 2-in. Sch. 40 pipe. Maximum centerline radius is 7 in.

While the bender uses the same tooling as the company's larger rotary draw machines, it differs in how it operates. The machine is driven via a single hydraulic cylinder on a ratcheting wheel and controlled via a foot pedal. It bends to a maximum of 195 degrees to account for material springback.

The standard quick-release counter die system allows users to unload and reload the machine quickly, the company states. It also provides the ability to advance a bend, and the ratchet wheel allows users to hold a bend every 8 degrees.


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