Servo-electric bender performs multi functions with standard tooling

January 12, 2010

The Fast Bend is the newest member of the Prima Finn-Power servo-electric bender family. It can bend five different parts with different thicknesses and alloys in five minutes, the company states.

The machine helps reduce or eliminate non-value-added costs associated with the traditional press brake operation, according to the manufacturer. It can form different angles, hems, multiple corner radii, Z offsets, and closed tubular profiles with the standard set of tooling.

The Automatic Tool Change (ATC) option, automatic feed table, and automatic inversion of positive and negative bending blades allow for more bends per side in an automatic sequence without manual intervention. The operator only loads, rotates, and unloads the part.

The operator can initiate a part program by scanning the bar code on the part with the optional bar code reader. The instruction display screen notifies the operator when the tool setup is complete, and it displays graphically how the part blank is to be loaded. With this method, part setups as quick as 10 seconds can be achieved, says the company.

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