Servo-electric press brake features O-frame that reduces vertical deflection

July 16, 2014

CoastOne Oy, Finland, has introduced a new O-frame series of servo-electric press brakes to the North American market through International Technologies Inc. The machine, which is accurate up to ±0.0000787 in., has a frame design that helps reduce vertical deflection and torsion. Sizes vary from 50 tons by 62 in. to 166 tons by 13.45 ft.

With three to six servo spindles, each servo beam axis works independently and functions as a crowning axis. This multiaxis CNC crowning system produces consistent part angles, the company reports. Approach speeds can reach 236 IPM. Multiaxis CNC backgauges also are available.

Using no hydraulic pump or hydraulic oil, the drive system has an average power consumption of 1 to 3 kW.