Servo-electric press brake introduced

February 7, 2012

Servo-electric press brake introduced -

Prima Power has introduced the eP-series press brake. The Electro CNC and servo-electric drive system provide high acceleration, deceleration, and fast response times, the manufacturer reports. The pulley-belt system distributes the force over the whole bending length to prevent upper tool deformation.

Programming, which includes automatic bending sequencing, is accomplished via a 17-in. touchscreen with 2-D graphical interface. For offline programming, the control is equipped with interactive, 3-D visualization graphics.

Lazer Safe's Block Laser system provides safe, high-speed closing down to 0.08 in.

The rigid O-frame eliminates horizontal deflection and allows backgauge positioning over the working length. The linear scales are mounted on independent side frames for ram positioning accuracy of ±0.0002 in.

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