System is fastest for automated bending of small parts

December 6, 2013

System is fastest for automated bending of small parts -

TRUMPF Inc. has released the TruBend Cell 7000, which the company says is the fastest system available for the automated bending of small parts. With an average cycle time of 4 sec./bend, it delivers parts twice as fast as conventional bending cells, the manufacturer reports.

The machine comprises a TruBend 7036 cell-edition press brake, the BendMaster bending robot, the LoadMaster Bend material handling unit, a pallet system, and tracks. All are housed in an enclosure that requires 69 sq. ft. of floor space.

The press brake delivers a press force of 36 metric tons and an electric torque motor for high-speed acceleration. Intelligent backgauges built from lightweight materials enable parts to be positioned quickly for maximum pressing speeds of 2 IPS. The ram is divided into two 20-in. sections to provide clearance for the grippers on the bending robot. The grippers can position components up to 0.3 in. thick.

The material handling unit’s multivacuum gripper prepares the bending part parallel to the current bending operation. A high-speed vision system identifies the exact orientation of the blanks. The flexible loading arrangement allows for up to 24 different blanks or 4,800 parts to be delivered to the machine.

The standard system configuration includes unloading of finished parts to boxes or bins. Alternatively, the system can be equipped so scratch-prone parts are unloaded individually to a conveyor belt.

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