System speeds tube bending tooling changeover

January 14, 2014

AddisonMckee has designed a new quick-change tool system to help reduce the labor power and time required for tooling changeover on tube bending machines. With the quick-change system, one person can perform part-to-part tool changes with single- or multistack tooling in less than 10 min., the manufacturer states.

The bend die lift plate holds the bend die and wiper posts together as a set by a lifting plate, negating the need for wiper or bracket adjustments during tooling changeovers. Additionally, because the bend die and wiper posts are retained as a pair, the wiper inserts are less susceptible to accidental damage. An automatic clamp unit quickly locks the bend die and wiper posts to the machine without any additional tools or fasteners.

The new tie-bar system incorporates a cam-action release to help minimize operator setup time between tool changes. A quick-release tie-bar pin allows the user to retract the tie-bar without removing it from the machine or to slide it away for access to the tool set.

Other features of the quick-change tool system include a quick-release clamp and follower that are removed and replaced with a lifting hook or by hand. Tube collet changeovers require no fasteners or tools.