Tube bending software upgraded

December 12, 2006

Unison has launched a new version of its Unibend Control Software.

The software now includes Graph Analysis, a function that captures data on the torque values that each machine axis applies during a programmed tube bending operation. By comparing the torque data required to bend new material batches against a best example, the software can help to identify changes in the quality of material, helping to track the ongoing performance of a manufacturer's tubing suppliers.

The Performance Analysis function has been enhanced to record more information on machine usage, including the timings of start and stop button presses, idle time, and parts produced. The raw data on the productivity of tube bending capital equipment can help a company's production management to generate a detailed picture of shop floor operations and to aid in the analysis of operational efficiency and productivity.

The Carriage Push allows programmers to dynamically control the movement of the carriage using a profile, complementing the programmable control already available over clamp, pressure die, mandrel, and follower action.

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