CAD/CAM software provides improved multitool support

October 30, 2012

Vero Software has announced the introduction of the 2013 release of Radan sheet metal CAD/CAM software. The new release provides improved support for multitools.

Multitool configurations are deployed by taking the "variable to buy" for the machine tool in question. For example, a configuration for a TRUMPF® machine will have the definitions — the shape and number of stations — of all multitools the customer may purchase for their machine tool, without allocating it to a toolstation at that time. This is less work-intensive and more flexible than the traditional system of always allocating a multitool to a station, according to the manufacturer.

The software contains key enhancements to the navigational tools, increasing accessibility to functions; improved integration of Radband; and the addition of color for simplified identification of parts pre- and postproduction.

Single part layout (SPL) has been integrated with nest projects. A new setting is available in the SPL dialogue to specify whether or not to allow overproduction. Where multiple sheets are needed, SPL will generate a sheet count that will or will not satisfy the batch quantity. Where not enough parts are required to fill a sheet, if overproduction is not allowed, the sheet will be left half-empty.