CAM software's user interface redesigned

January 8, 2014

SmartCAMcnc has announced the release of SmartCAM® v2014 software. It features a redesigned user interface, as well as updates to milling process modeling, tool path verification, and geometry modeling.

New panel task menus and customizable toolbars on the user interface simplify access to frequently used commands, and new configuration options allow the system to be tailored for optimal use of screen workspace.

The Undo mechanism has been rewritten to allow multiple Undo or Redo of all modeling tasks. Milling tool path reliability and efficiency have been increased, and the number of steps required to remachine material and generate wireframe profiling tool path has been reduced.

New arc connections in the facing and region rough processes provide a high-speed machining technique that prevents abrupt direction changes that could harm machinery. The ShowCut and ShowPath tool path verification modules provide improved visualization of turning-tool holders and allow milling-tool holders to be used with parametrically defined tools. New collision reporting and holder checking capabilities help users find potential problems.

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