Interface allows unfolding, import of CAD files from within nesting software

April 11, 2012

Jetcam Intl. s.a.r.l has introduced new CAD interfaces to AutoPOL for Windows® and AutoPOL G2 3-D CAD and unfolding software packages. The interface allows users to unfold and import CAD files from within Jetcam Expert nesting software, providing a seamless work flow from 3-D CAD to bending, cutting, and punching, the company reports.

Users can choose which CAD files are used with the interface, which is useful for those running multiple CAD systems, and also can specify whether to import or discard additional information stored in separate layers, such as bend information. Within two clicks the component is unfolded, exported, and created within the nesting software.

The interface is available for download free of charge from the Jetcam website for customers with current maintenance contracts.

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