Management software designed for structural steel companies

May 16, 2012

Management software designed for structural steel companies -

Lantek has released Steelworks 2012, the latest version of its software designed to help companies in the structural steel industry increase their management efficiency.

The software integrates 3-D design programs such as Tekla Structures® with automated manufacture and control of production processes. It helps manage stress calculations and dimensions and provides continuous monitoring of costs, capacity, and delivery performance.

The software includes ERP capabilities which control cost'Expert CAD/CAM automated nesting and CNC programming software for laser, plasma, and punching machines, and its Flex3d Steelwork, which enables the cutting of I, U, L, T, and H round and square sections. This system, which includes 3-D nesting into the profile, produces cutting paths on sawing, drilling, punching, tapping, marking, oxycut, and plasma machinery.

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