MRP system designed for fabrication industry

March 5, 2013

SigmaTEK Systems has introduced SigmaMRP™. Developed for the specific requirements of the fabrication industry, the manufacturing resource planning (MRP) system manages transactions and communication with customers and suppliers, inventory of goods and raw materials, and departmental and outsourced processes.

The system integrates with SolidWorks® to import, unfold, nest, fabricate, and manage native SolidWorks assemblies. The MRP system is tightly integrated with SigmaNEST® CAD/CAM nesting software for quoting, work orders, and inventory control. It facilitates the specification, quoting, and scheduling of manufacturing jobs; tracks inventory; automatically generates all necessary documents for trade, planning, and manufacturing; and maintains a history of all communications.

Specialized modules include shop floor data collection and marketing campaign planning and analysis.

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