Nesting software enhanced

September 16, 2008

MTC Software has updated and enhanced its drill, tap, and spindle operation support for ProNest, the company's nesting software for sheet and plate processing.

The specialized plug-in was developed specifically to handle the requirements of plasma and oxyfuel cutting machines that incorporate drilling, tapping, and other spindle operation capability. The updated system provides specialized sorting of the part spindle operations, as well as tool change and cycle parameter support.

Predrill pierce locations allows users to add drilled holes automatically at the pierce locations of all cut profiles. Auto-select tool tolerance matches the drills and taps found in the nest with the tools in the integrated customizable tooling library. Operations such as counterboring and countersinking now can be controlled from the CAD file through the use of blocks.

Multistep operations that use multiple tools at variable depths now can be defined in the tooling library and called out in a CAD file by adding "Block" at the desired location. CAD colors are used to automatically convert round holes found on the turret layer of the nest into a fine or coarse tap instruction. Predrills for taps are specified automatically in the tooling library. A flexible parameter file is used to automatically specify the spindle speed, feedrate, and other cycle parameters for each tool operation for every material type and thickness.

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