Pressure vessel production software allows import of part program files from CAD/CAM

May 5, 2014

New ProShell software package from HGG facilitates the design and fabrication of pressure vessels, spools, and nozzles on the company’s pressure vessel machinery. With it, users can design product profiles and profiling information in MDI, view profiles with a 3-D viewer, and divide them into available raw materials for nesting. Users also can import part program files from CAD/CAM systems.

The software package provides an interface for the export and conversion of entire part program files modeled from various CAD packages into CNC data files without the need for additional processing, while supporting additional editing features.

The pressure vessel machines combine plasma and oxyfuel processes for 3-D steel profile cutting capability. They eliminate the need for laying out lines on shells, grinding a bevel, and additional welding after holes are cut.

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