Simulation tools added to CAM software

March 10, 2014

Delcam offers the 2014 R2 version of its PowerMill CAM software for high-speed and 5-axis machining. Simulation and customization tools have been added, and editing flexibility has been increased.

The ordering of the Vortex tool paths, the software’s high-efficiency area-clearance strategy, has been improved to help minimize lifts and air moves. Vortex allows solid-carbide tooling to cut with its full flute length to help minimize machining times. The tool paths use a controlled engagement angle between the cutter and the part to help increase the consistency of the volume-removal rate and feed rate.

A new dialogue tracks the position of the machine tool, and a new toolbar simulates and adjusts the configuration and tool axis of a 3+2 machine or any equipment with incremental rotary axes. The new dialogue has a redesigned user interface to present data on machine tool position and the limits set for each axis. It includes a slider to jog the machine components into position during simulation and displays a warning if any axis limit is exceeded.

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