All-position electrode suitable for manganese steel railroad frogs, crossings

March 11, 2014

Hardface Technologies, a business unit of Postle Industries, has introduced Postalloy® FrogTuff, an all-position electrode for joining or overlaying for high impact. It operates on either AC or DC reverse polarity. The arc is smooth and stable with low spatter loss, and slag removal is simplified.

According to the company, the electrode is suitable for production of manganese steel railroad frogs and crossings. Under severe impact, such as hammering or pounding, the weld deposit becomes tougher and harder and will not spall or mushroom.

The electrode can be used alone, as a combination buildup and hardfacing alloy, or as a buildup and cushion before overlaying. It has a tensile strength of 125,000 PSI, a yield strength of 80,000 PSI, and a 34 percent elongation. The hardness as deposited is 15 to 22 HRC and work-hardens up to 55 HRC.

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