Cabinets store most compressed air, gas cylinders and tanks

November 8, 2005

The Hodge Division of The Durham Mfg. Co. offers a revamped line of gas cylinder storage cabinets. The new line consists of five models of cabinets for the storage of most types of compressed air or gas cylinders and tanks.

Three models are designed to accommodate vertical cylinders, and two for smaller LPG cylinders. Vertical types accept all standard vertical cylinders up to 59 in. high and have a chain that is adjustable in 1-in. increments to hold cylinders in place. Horizontal types accept 20- and 33 -lb. cylinders on sloped cradle racks for security.

Both types are constructed with expanded metal sides, backs, and doors for visibility of content. Frames are of 1 -in. angle iron, and a solid top is slanted to shed water, snow, and ice for protection in outdoor applications.