Drawing compound developed for high-heat applications

December 13, 2005

Houghton Intl. offers its Houghto-Draw® V-2000 drawing compound, a vegetable oil-based product for high-heat applications such as transfer and progressive stamping builds.

The fluid provides lubricating properties and high emulsion stability without chlorine, phosphorous, or sulfur additives. It is suitable for most drawing and forming applications on both ferrous and nonferrous metals. The fluid can be diluted with water at varying concentration levels from 3 percent to 100 percent. The low-VOC formulation makes it safe to weld or e-coat without cleaning.

The fluid is biorenewable, readily biodegradable, and easily recycled. According to the manufacturer, it lessens bioactivity problems, runs clean, and extends fluid life in machine and centralized bulk delivery systems.

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