Endlessly rotating water-cooled torch is compatible with air-cooled

February 4, 2014

SKS Welding Systems offers the Water Joint water-cooled torch. It features a very large copper conductor, enabling it to produce few voltage drops and to stay relatively cool even without water cooling. Only the parts at the torch tip affected by the reflected energy of the welding process require additional cooling.

The torch’s high-current and water-rotating joints add flexibility to the otherwise rigid unit of the hose connections between the robot and welding torch. The robot-controlled torch can rotate endlessly around its axis or the wire electrode. Wire feeding, the flow of electrical current, electrical signals, and inert gas are unlimited.

Torsional strains to the torch cable in the welding robot's hollow shaft are eliminated, which helps to increase the cable’s service life. Unlimited rotation eliminates the need to reorient the robot.