Flux-cored wires designed for hard-surfacing applications

January 11, 2005

Hobart Brothers offers its McKay® VertiWear® 600 and AP gas-shielded flux-cored hard-surfacing wires.

Designed for surfacing mild- and low-alloy steel components that are prone to moderate abrasive wear and medium to high impact, the 600 deposits a multipurpose martensitic steel alloy. The AP wire is best-suited to buildup or overlay on austenitic manganese steel or for joining austenitic manganese steel to manganese, carbon, or low-alloy steel. Both wires can be used for multiple layer deposits and operate with DCEP (reverse polarity) power.

Offering crack-free deposits at a hardness of 55 to 60 HRC, the 600 increases deposition rates and is available in 25-lb. spools of 0.045- and 1/16-in.-dia. wires. The AP wire is available in 0.045-in. dia. on 25-lb. spools and provides impact resistance while work-hardening to 50 to 55 hrc. With a smooth, semispray arc transfer with 100 percent CO2 or 75 percent AR/25 percent CO2 shielding gas, both wires are suitable for out-of-position welding.

Applications for the 600 wire include repairing dragline chain, mill guides, and coupling boxes. The AP wire is best-suited for repairing bucket teeth and lips, crusher jaws and cones, and dragline buckets.

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