Flux-cored wires designed for heavy fabrication applications

February 19, 2013

Flux-cored wires designed for heavy fabrication applications - TheFabricator.com

Lincoln Electric has introduced the new UltraCore® HD-12C and HD-12M mild steel FCAW-G wires. These E71T-12C-JH8 and E71T-12M-JH8 flux-cored wires are designed to provide all-position use, high deposition rates, and low-temperature impact toughness for heavy fabrication applications.

The wires achieve weld deposition of more than 14 lbs./hr. out of position. Fast-freezing slag results in a flat bead shape. Operators can set the machine on a single setting and weld in all positions. The wires can exceed 30 ft.-lbf. at -40 degrees F.

The HD-12C wires are optimized for use with 100 percent CO2, and the HD-12M wires use a mix of 75 to 80 percent argon/balance CO2. Both products are available in standard diameters of 0.045 in., 0.052 in., and 0.0625 in., packaged in 33-lb. fiber spools.

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