Fume extraction gun made to be lightweight

July 10, 2014

Bernard has redesigned its Clean Air™ fume extraction gun to be lighter and smaller than many standard fume extraction guns. With nearly the same dimensions as the company’s regular semiautomatic GMAW gun, it is suitable for almost any medium- to heavy-duty solid or flux-cored welding application.

An easy-to-slide nozzle shroud on the front of the gun adjusts to one of four fixed positions. The small size of the vacuum chamber provides joint access and visibility, while a 360-degree vacuum hose swivel on the rear of the handle helps improve flexibility and reduce wrist fatigue, the manufacturer says.

The gun’s crush- and snag-resistant vacuum hose helps reduce hang-ups on nearby equipment or fixtures. Durable enough to eliminate the need for a vacuum hose cover in most applications, the hose features threaded connections for simplified replacement.

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