Heavy-duty soluble oil lubricants offered

January 9, 2012

Houghton Intl. offers two heavy-duty soluble oil lubricants for stamping and drawing operations.

Houghto-Draw® 7060 lubricates ferrous and nonferrous metals, including difficult alloys such as titanium and INCONEL® alloy. It is compatible with hard water and runs clean with low foaming. The lubricant's biostable formula helps ensure long, odor-free sump life and resists biological attacks, the company reports. It provides in-process corrosion protection of machinery and parts.

Drawsol® WM 2800 contains highly refined petroleum oils, extreme-pressure agents, fatty lubricants, and rust inhibitors. It offers anticorrosion protection for part storage life. The high-viscosity lubricant is suitable for applications that require carry-through to multiple stages. It also can be diluted with water for use in routine press operations from heavy-gauge drawing to medium stamping.

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