Machining fluid has high degree of cleanliness, low reportable VOCs

November 11, 2011

Chemtool Inc.’s NuSol 21 Ultra Max 2 is a hybrid technology machining fluid providing corrosion protection for tooling, parts, and equipment.

It has a blend of high-molecular-weight PAO emulsion, ester technology, and sulfur/chlorine emulsions and offers resistance to hard water and aluminum soaps. It has a high degree of cleanliness and low reportable VOCs for operator acceptance. The fluid also offers good rejection of process oils and system contaminants, reports the company.

The fluid can be used in place of traditional metalworking fluids. The combination of preformed emulsions (PAO, sulfur, and chlorine) and esters results in supplemental lubrication and increased tool life. This allows the fluid to exhibit good wetting and detergency properties, which further enhances substrate surface cleanliness. This product also incorporates chemistries for effective bioresistance and performance life properties.

The fluid contains a surfactant package that neutralizes and prevents hard water soap formation and resulting residue.

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