Metal-cored electrodes designed for stainless steel

December 13, 2005

Select-Arc Inc. has added three ferritic metal-cored, composite electrodes, the Select 409C, Select 409C-Cb, and Select 409C-Ti, to its stainless steel product line.

The 409C is suitable for welding ferritic stainless steel sheet and thin-gauge material and is stabilized with both niobium (columbium) and titanium. The 409C-Cb is for applications in which niobium stabilization is preferred over titanium. The 409C-Ti joins stainless steels of similar composition or joins them to carbon steels.

All three of the electrodes deliver smooth arc transfer with negligible spatter and handle poor fit-up with rapid travel speeds, the company reports. They are designed for the welding of catalytic converters, mufflers, manifolds, tubing, and other exhaust system components.

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