Metal-cored welding wire designed for high-volume robotic welding applications

March 30, 2010

Hobart Brothers has developed a metal-cored welding wire designed to maximize performance and increase productivity on high-volume robotic welding applications, especially those for heavy equipment manufacturing. The new Matrix&trade wire from the company's Tri-Mark® brand is a proprietarily manufactured product formulated specifically to provide uncompromised arc starting and wire feeding consistency, the company says.

The company reports that the wire has been shown to extend the life of robotic gun liners and to eliminate buildup at the drive rolls. Tests reportedly show that the wire creates a consistent weld bead shape, is crack resistant, and minimizes silicon island formation.

The wire is available on 33-lb. plastic spools that are precision layer wound to support consistent feeding, and each spool ships in a heat-sealed, VCI (vapor corrosion inhibitor) impregnated bag to protect against contaminants. It also is available in a 750-lb. X-Pak drum, which is sealed with a rubber gasket; the inside portion is impregnated with VCI.

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