Mixing station reduces fluid handling, transportation

July 10, 2007

Unist Inc. has announced production of a series of mixing stations for blending and dispensing cutting and forming fluids. The Manual Mixing Station (MM-S) and Central Supply Mixing Station (CSM-S) are designed to automate the mixing and supply of fluids and lubricants to metal forming stations.

According to the manufacturer, the stations can reduce fluid handling and transportation; improve quality monitoring of fluid components and water; and decrease waste. Elimination of manual mixing provides a consistent concentration ratio.

The mixing stations are suitable for companies considering automated mixing and centralized supply. The stations can be used as automatic or manual units and are scalable to supply a single workstation or multiple stations.

Standard features on the CSM-S include programmable logic control, adjustable outlet pressure, multiple alarm conditions, a 10-micron water filter, red/green operational stack lights, and a removable stainless steel enclosure. The enclosure is optional on the MM-S, which is available with a dispensing nozzle.

The CSM-S produces concentration ranges from 0.5 percent to 37 percent, depending on viscosity, and provides up to 3 gal. per minute. The MM-S has a maximum concentration of 17 percent and dispenses up to 7 gal. per minute.

A product data sheet is available on the company's Web site.

Unist Inc. * 800-253-5462 * www.unist.com

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