Reamer updated to help simplify maintenance

April 24, 2013

Reamer updated to help simplify maintenance -

Tregaskiss has introduced the TOUGH GUN™ Reamer TT3 series. According to the company, the reamer helps extend the life of robotic GMAW guns and consumables.

The unit features a new sprayer reservoir location on the opposite side of the unit (compared to previous models) to safeguard against overfilling and leakage onto internal electronics. An electronic check valve has been eliminated, reducing the number of parts to be maintained in the system. New plug-and-play internal replacement parts feature smart-keyed connections to simplify assembly and provide quick in-cell troubleshooting.

The reamer also includes simplified internal wiring by way of a centralized terminal strip, and the Anti-Spatter Sprayer comes standard with the new model. Features include internally mounted pneumatic valves and protected external setup switches, as well as seals on all points of entry to the reamer.

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