Small GTAW torch comes with three angled heads

March 19, 2014

The CK Micro Torch is the smallest GTAW torch on the market, according to manufacturer CK Worldwide. With three different angled heads, the torch can be used in many tightly spaced applications.

A clear Pyrex®nozzle and a low-profile torch body allow the operator to see the weld puddle. The water cooling jacket lets the torch reach its highest amperage possible, even with a 3/32-in. tungsten electrode.

The torch is available in 70-amp gas-cooled and 140-amp water-cooled versions. Each torch comes with 45-, 90-, and 180-degree heads; three presharpened tungsten electrodes; a tungsten stickout gauge; two Pyrex nozzles; one alumina nozzle; and Super Flex® cables.

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