Tungsten electrodes offered in various styles

April 17, 2014

Wolfpower® electrodes from Uniweld Products are precision centerless ground, a process that removes any surface imperfections from the electrode. The line of tungsten electrodes, used for GTAW, includes pure, 2 percent thoriated, 2 percent ceriated, and 1 percent zirconiated tungsten.

Pure tungsten electrodes are basically unalloyed; they contain a minimum of 99.5 wt-percent tungsten. They are suitable for general-purpose welding on aluminum and magnesium. The 2 percent thoriated tungsten electrodes contain a nominal 2 wt-percent of thorium oxide throughout the entire length of the rod. This tungsten generally is used on DC negative or straight polarity.

The 2 percent ceriated tungsten electrodes contain 2 wt-percent of cerium oxide. The nonradioactive electrodes can be used on AC or DC in either polarity. The 1 percent zirconiated tungsten electrodes contain zirconium oxide. This electrode minimizes tungsten contamination of the weld, according to the manufacturer.

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