Welding outfits come in medium-, heavy-duty models

December 6, 2012

Welding outfits come in medium-, heavy-duty models - TheFabricator.com

The Harris Products Group has announced the debut of its HardHat Metalworking Outfits, designed for contractors. The outfits contain regulators, torches, and flashback arresters for cutting, brazing, and welding using oxyacetylene and other fuels.

The outfits include both classic-style and the company's V series tips. While the classic outfit includes cutter packs, both outfits are meant for a variety of applications. They are available with either the medium-duty model 425 or the heavy-duty model 450.

Available torches include the 62-5F and 42-4F hand cutting torches with an injector mixer that produces the hottest flame possible at 4 oz.-2 PSIG.

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