Welding wires address productivity, safety issues

February 22, 2012

Thermadyne Industries Inc. has introduced five new Stoody® FCAW and GMAW gas-shielded hardfacing and hardbanding wires for the petrochemical, aggregates, mining, construction, agriculture, and field fabrication and repair industries.

Patent-pending 970-G metal-core wire resists wear and eliminates chromium. The nickel-based 625-T1 flux-cored wire is designed for welding of INCONEL® alloy and other alloys used to build liquefied natural gas tanks and clad flue gas desulphurization units.

The wear-resistant, all-position, general-purpose 964 AP-G hardfacing wire can achieve 64 HRC while producing crack-free deposits on Series 300 stainless and manganese steels.

HB-56 is an NS-1, Level 2-certified hardbanding wire approved for new applications or reapplication over HB-62 hardbanding wire. HB-62 offers both good casing wear and open hole wear, as well as a good balance of impact and abrasion resistance, the company states.