Wire feeder designed for GMAW

June 10, 2014

EWM AG offers the drive 4X wire feeder for GMAW. Each wire feed roller is driven by its own cogwheel. The four cogwheels are interlocked with the drive shaft, causing the wire feed rollers to run synchronously.

The driving shafts of the four wire feed rollers, which are 1.46 in. dia., are mounted on two ball bearings for long life, the company reports. Two set screws can be used to adjust the contact pressure of the roller pair individually to match the material used.

The wire feed rollers are color-coded and available for wire diameters from 0.03 to 0.06 in. V-grooves are suitable for steel, stainless steel, flux-cored, and solder wires; U-grooves are suitable for feeding aluminum materials. The color codes allow the user to distinguish among the 10 different roller packages.

Rolls can be replaced without tools. The user unlocks and folds open the roller holder without removing it from the wire feeder. The rollers then are exchanged, and the roller holder is closed and locked.