Automatic coping robot is first of its kind

April 19, 2012

The first of its kind, Daito U.S.A. Inc.'s new CRII coping robot offers coping, piece marking, scribing, and cutting capabilities, all from one machine. Functioning automatically, the unit saves time and eliminates the need for manual marking and finishing.

Featuring a six-axis robotic arm, the machine processes bolt holes, slots, flange thinning, weld preps, and more in structural steel fabrication and shipbuilding applications. It compensates automatically 4 degrees for the natural taper of plasma to help ensure straight cuts.

The fully enclosed machine includes a fume-extraction system, the company's pinch roller and push bar hybrid system for material positioning, and the company's DIS software. A line discharge feature and a lift and carry transfer system are available as options.

The robot operates as a stand-alone unit, or it can be integrated into a fabricating line. Two models are available: the 28-in.-capacity CRII 7030 and the 40-in.-capacity CRII 1040.