Cutoff wheels do not stick in aggressive workpieces

March 14, 2013

CGW-Camel Grinding Wheels has introduced Premium Quickie Cut™ cutoff wheels for use with metals, including stainless steel. They cut 14 percent more than competitive cutoff wheels in the same category, according to the manufacturer.

The wheels do not stick in aggressive workpieces and cause minimal burning. Made from aluminum oxide grain with 60 grit size, the 0.035-in.-thick wheels are available in 4.5- and 5-in. dia. with 0.875-in. arbor holes. They contain less than 0.1 percent iron, sulfur, or chlorine for rust-free, corrosion-free results.

The cutoff wheels are designed for use on thin sheet metals, metal and stainless fabrication, small cross-sections, and steel reinforcements.

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