Descaling tool suitable for heavy-duty applications

July 14, 2009

Dynabrade's air-powered Dynascaler is a descaling and surface preparation tool suitable for heavy-duty applications. The tool powers Roto Peen bonded flap assemblies for removing rust, oxide, scale, old paint, and tough coatings.

Hand-held tools are available in both straight-line and right-angle models. They allow the operator to work closer to the work surface, resulting in additional control in hard-to reach areas. The tools feature a four-position top handle and are suitable for removing paint and rust before repainting, as for bridgework.

A floor model is offered that features a 20-slot hub for bonded flaps. It is suitable for scaling operations along a long area, such as paint and rust removal along the floor of a ship or freighter. An adjustable edge guide helps ensure straight-line descaling.

An over-under model also is available. The tool mechanically fractures scale and coatings with negligible removal of base metal. It can be used for simultaneous over-under removal of scale from steel girder plating before welding.

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