Tools, equipment help increase pipe weld prep accuracy

June 13, 2013

E.H. Wachs offers weld prep tools designed to cut, bevel, J-prep, counterbore, flange face, and single point pipes from 2 to 72 in. OD. They use a cold cutting process that eliminates the hazards related to torch cutting and grinding, which is important when volatile hydrocarbons are present.

The equipment includes low-clearance split frame (LCSF), small-diameter split frame (SDSF), and heavy-duty split frame (HDSF) tools; Guillotine® pipe saws; the Trav-L-Cutter®; the EP424 end prep machine; FF series flange facers; SDB small-diameter bevelers; boiler tube bevelers; hand-held valve operators; hydraulic power units; and tooling.

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