Workstation safely laser marks large, heavy workpieces

April 8, 2004

The TRUMPF VectorMark® Workstation (VWS) 1200 is designed to mark large, heavy workpieces safely. The compact unit can handle big, heavy parts as well as a large number of parts lying side by side.

The workstation features numerically controlled X and Z axes to adjust for different workpiece heights and depths. An optional Y axis also is available for workpiece width adjustments. The workstation can move both the laser and the workpiece in the X, Y, and Z directions. The laser can mark anywhere on a part's work area of 15.7 in. high by 23.6 in. wide by 15.7 in. deep.

All workstations include an integrated fume and particle exhaust system with both a HEPA-type particulate filter and an activated carbon filter.

The industrial-grade welded workstation construction can be accessed through a folding motorized front door. CDRH Class 1 laser protection is guaranteed during the marking process. A full range of beam sources, three wavelengths (1,064, 532, and 355 nm), and various laser crystals (YAG and YVO4) are available.

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