5-stage parts cleaning system has 96-in. wash section

April 14, 2009

A five-stage, all-stainless-steel washer/dryer system is offered by ALMCO KleenTec.

The PWRBD24-96E-U system, initially custom-developed for a customer, includes wash, rinse, second rinse, blowoff, and drying functions in a compact, U-bend design. Its variable-speed, 24-in.-wide continuous belt feeds parts through all functional chambers and delivers them to the end of the system, where they can be removed by hand or fall into a container or onto a belt for further processing.

Oil and grease are removed by compound/water spray rinses. Multiple nozzles of the 96-in. wash section are adjustable for direction onto the parts and into places where special attention is required.

Included are two stainless steel bag filtration units; large-capacity, insulated tanks for wash and rinse functions; a 15-HP regenerative blower; a forced-air electric dryer; remote conveyor controls; a removable chip basket; and automatic solution makeup systems.

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