6-in. angle grinder has electronic speed stabilization

January 4, 2007

Metabo Corp. offers the WE14-150 electronic 6-in. angle grinder/cutoff machine with Tacho-Constamatic (TC) speed stabilization. The grinder can work at nearly 100 percent of the no-load speed (9,000 RPM) up to the grinder's full rated amp load (12 amps).

The grinder also is equipped with the company's "Quick" wheel change system, which allows tool-less wheel changes; a safety clutch, which allows the operator to maintain control of the tool in the event of a jam; a Vibratech antivibration handle that reduces vibration by 60 percent; and overload protection, which shuts the tool down when overheating is detected.

The grinder weighs 5.6 lbs. Maximum torque is 31 in.-lb. It features current interruption protection, a user-friendly spindle lock, a low-profile aluminum die-cast gear housing, an electronic winding temperature monitor with LED display, and auto-stop carbon brushes.

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