Aluminum oxide conversion coating introduced

August 1, 2011

Aluminum oxide conversion coating introduced -

Birchwood Casey has introduced the MICROLOK® AO, a nontoxic aluminum oxide conversion coating that is 0.000060 in. thick, silver-black in color, and tightly adherent to the metal surface.

The patented coating imparts corrosion resistance and antigalling properties to iron and steel tooling and machine components; automotive parts including tie-rods, ball joints, and clutch and brake components; and large components such as oilfield drilling equipment.

The process does not use EPA-regulated chemicals. Rinse water generally is disposable as nonhazardous discharge and requires no waste treatment.

The five-step finishing process can be completed in 18 min., according to the company.

Features include temperature stability up to 1,400 degrees F, 120- to 140-degrees-F operation with no boiling or splattering, and no scale or sludge buildup in tanks. Bath maintenance requires only pH monitoring.

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