Angle grinder has autobalancing flange

March 15, 2010

Metabo Corp. has introduced the 6-in. WEPA14-150 Quick small-angle grinder. Its autobalancing flange, pressed onto the spindle, replaces a traditional backing flange. Ball bearings automatically offset out-of-balance conditions present in the grinding accessory while the tool is in use to help reduce vibration.

Suitable for heavy-duty cutting and grinding applications, the grinder features a 12.2-amp motor. A sonically balanced fan paired with improved venting and more efficient internal ducting has increased airflow over the motor by 15 percent, the company reports.

In addition to the autobalance technology, the company's Vibratech (MVT) side handle reduces vibration up to 60 percent, according to the manufacturer.

The grinder features a toolless wheel-change system, a nonlocking paddle switch, a current interruption switch, a toolless locking wheel guard with seven positions, and the S-Automatic safety slip clutch to help protect the operator from kickback by absorbing the torque created should the wheel bind or snag.

The dust protection system includes an encapsulated on/off switch and autostop carbon brushes, double-lipped labyrinth sealed bearings, a dust-deflecting winding protection grid, and epoxy-coated field coil windings.

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