Autodeposition coating formulated for iron castings, ferrous metals

February 18, 2014

Henkel Corp. has introduced a new water-based, reactive autodeposition coating, Bonderite® M-PP 930C™, formulated to deliver a uniform, defect-free surface coating on raw cast components and ferrous metals. The epoxy-acrylic urethane coating coats the inside and outside of complex components, imparting corrosion and abrasion resistance and providing thermal stability, edge protection, abrasion resistance, and flexibility, states the manufacturer.

Depending on the type of substrate and cleanliness of the metal, application can be a seven-step, room-temperature deposition process that involves a chemical reaction between the water-based organic emulsion and the metallic surface. The low-energy process, which requires no electrical contacts, uniformly coats large volumes of fully assembled, densely racked, or complex-shaped metal parts.

The coating coats any surface it wets during immersion of the parts, with no limitations in part size, shape, complexity, or density. It covers the entire inner diameter of cylindrical parts. The nonflammable, nonexplosive, RoHS-compliant coating contains no toxic heavy metals, very low VOCs, and no APEs or HAPs.