Automatic blasting system hones, polishes cutting inserts

September 4, 2013

Automatic blasting system hones, polishes cutting inserts -

The Vapormatt Tiger+ automatic, inline wet blasting, cleaning, and drying system is designed for manufacturing of cutting inserts. It can achieve hones up to 100 microns within a ±10-µm tolerance.

The system runs trays through a seven-stage process, beginning with automatic load, followed by two blasting chambers (one to hone and one to polish), two rinses, and a deionized rinse. The parts then are dried through two drying stages before they are unloaded automatically. Processing variables are controlled at each stage.

Within the two blast chambers, the unit uses 32 nozzles for honing and polishing a variety of tools and geometries. It is designed to accept cutting inserts directly from grinding for edge honing, polishing, cleaning, and drying, leaving the inserts fully prepared for coating. The system can process up to 30,000 inserts a day.