Biodegradable liquid cleans metal before finishing

June 13, 2013

Biodegradable liquid cleans metal before finishing -

Safe Scrub® ST liquid cleaner from Birchwood provides heavy-duty cleaning power for removing oil and surface soils on metals before finishing. This biodegradable liquid emulsifies oil from iron and steel parts in heavy-duty soak tank cleaning, and then holds the oil residues in solution to prevent them from redepositing on the parts.

The cleaner, which mixes easily with water, operates at temperatures of 120 to 180 degrees F. When the solution cools, much of the emulsified oil floats to the surface, allowing removal of the oil with an oil skimmer or coalescing filter.

With a blend of detergents that make it free-rinsing in cold water, the cleaner can produce waterbreak-free surfaces that are receptive to subsequent coating and finishing operations. It removes mineral oil, grinding coolant, drawing and stamping lubricants, and hydraulic oils, as well as water-soluble and synthetic fluids.

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