Brushes made for 4.5-in. right-angle grinders

May 22, 2013

Brushes made for 4.5-in. right-angle grinders -

Weiler Corp. offers wire brushes engineered specifically for use on 4.5-in. right-angle grinders.

The 4.5-in. Mini Roughneck stringer bead wheels feature a high knot count and short trim length to produce fast cleaning action and extended product life. Dually™ 4.5-in. weld cleaning brushes employ a dual-hex nut design to simplify periodic flipping of the wheel for efficiency in interpass weld-cleaning applications.

The standard twist-knot wire 4-in. bevel brushes have a tufted knot end and a saucer-shape design that provide an aggressive yet flexible brushing action for cleaning fillet welds and corners. The knot-wire and crimped-wire Cup 3.5-in. brushes are designed for cleaning large surfaces.

According to the company, the brushes' larger sizes result in greater cleaning action, and their heavy-duty construction increases aggression.

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