Cell-based rotary blast machine adaptable for deburring, cosmetic finishing, technical surface preparation

January 13, 2009

Guyson Corp. has expanded its lineup of automated blasting systems with small-footprint models designed to meet the requirements of cell-based production. The RSSA-6/SF rotary blast machine is adaptable for such applications as deburring, cosmetic finishing, and technical surface preparation.

The single spindle or table is fitted with a component-holding fixture that can be changed to process different parts. As the component rotates at a controlled and adjustable speed, it is exposed to the timed blast from up to four suction-feed blast guns affixed to telescoping brackets that allow each nozzle to be positioned at the correct angle and offset for coverage of target surfaces.

Motion of the blast guns enables automated processing of components of varying length without adding more guns. A ball screw and ball nut linear actuator enable the speed and stroke of the traversing gun movements to be programmed and synchronized with component rotation to ensure complete and even coverage.

When all process parameters are set for a particular component, the blasting machine repeats the cycle identically to help produce consistent finishing results. If desired, dimensional data and process routines for different components can be stored by the system's PLC and recalled on demand.

The blast cabinet is 52 in. wide and 32 in. deep. Several loading door configurations are available, including a vertical sliding door actuated by a pneumatic cylinder. A full-depth hinged side door with safety interlocks provides access to the blast chamber for inspection, adjustment, and maintenance.