Cleaner removes difficult-to-emulsify oils, surface soils

June 14, 2005

Safe Scrub® OS split cleaner from Birchwood Casey is designed for removing difficult-to-emulsify oils and surface soils.

The cleaner lifts oil from iron and steel parts and then floats the oil residue to the liquid surface for removal from the tank by an oil skimmer or coalescing filter. Suitable for use with mineral oil grinding coolants, drawing and stamping lubes, hydraulic oils, and water-soluble/synthetic fluids, the cleaner can be used as a stand-alone cleaner after metalworking operations or as a precleaner before black oxide coating.

Supplied as a liquid concentrate, the cleaner contains biodegradable surfactants, mixes instantly with water, and contains no EPA-regulated metals. The normal cleaning cycle calls for a 5- to 10-min. soak at 120 to 150 degrees F.